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About us, The North Idaho Hat Band!


Our guitar player and vocalist, Alex is always up to his eyeballs in projects and new inventions. You can check out his inventions and videos at www.Dangerously-Creative.com. He's also begun writing a children's book series chronicling the adventures of a hermit named Rathdrum Willie. You can find out more about Willie on his website www.RathdrumWillie.com In his spare time (spare time? what's that?) Alex also enjoys riding his horse Dewey, playing Airsoft, and using SolidWorks on his computer. He also helps out around the family farm bucking hay bales, pounding t-posts, and catching llamas.


A dedicated musician, Christopher applies the drive in his banjo playing, to his desire to learn and progress with his picking. Actually, it's been reported that he often spends hours at a time, for days or weeks deciphering a single break, playing it over and over. He stops only when he's hungry, (which happens quite a bit) or when the family starts yelling and screaming at him to stop (which is becoming a common occurrence). He also played the guitar and teaches Christian Karate classes.

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